Goodbye bad habits, hello fresh start

How to break habits and replace them with new ones

Is it time for a fresh start? Each of us have some habits that we’d like to change. Here are our best tips on how to identify habits, find a substitute habit and change your well-being for the better! 

Identifying your habits
Being aware of your bad habits is the first step to change. Think about a habit that you would like to leave behind and consider the following: 

What triggers the bad habit and causes it to start?

When, and where, does your bad habit happen?

How many times do you do it each day?


Identify your triggers
Do you often feel that your bad habit occurs after another activity, time of day or other situation? Identifying your triggers is an important step to being able to break your habit. Try and avoid these triggers as much as possible to make it easier on yourself to start to break your habit.

Choose a substitute for your bad habit
Make sure to plan ahead of time on how to face the boredom or stress that comes without your habit. Make a plan for yourself, and follow the formula “If I am tempted to ______, then I will _____ instead, and find a substitute for your habit that you can do instead. For example, leaving a journal, book or hobby items on your coffee table may encourage you to do another activity instead of simply scrolling through social media. 

Join forces with a friend
Need some extra motivation in breaking your bad habit, or inspiration to find a new, good one? Share your thoughts with a friend or family member and pair up with someone to quit your bad habits together. That way, you can hold each other accountable and celebrate your victories together. 

Start small and reward yourself
Stopping a bad habit doesn’t happen overnight. It takes both time and effort, and you may need to try multiple times before you succeed. Be patient with yourself and make sure to reward yourself along the way, and celebrate even the smallest wins! 

We hope these tips have inspired you to reflect on your habits and identify the ones you would like to leave behind. Good luck creating new habits in 2023. We believe in you!