Banana Protein Pancakes

We are all about encouraging you to take time out to fill up your own cup and invest in yourself. One of our favourite ways to implement self love and self care is to clear your schedule one morning a week and focus on you. Wake up and breeze through your morning routine, put on your favourite song, get dressed into your favourite clothes and make a delicious breakfast to enjoy. 

Our soft and sweet banana protein pancakes are the perfect way to start any morning. We have added substitutes throughout the recipe for any of you who are vegan or dairy and egg free. 

Pancake Batter Ingredients:
0.5 cup rolled oats
0.5 banana
1 serve of protein powder
1 egg
4 tbs greek yogurt
1 tsp baking powder
0.5 tsp cinnamon

Pancake Sauce Ingredients: 
0.5 banana 1 tbs peanut butter
2 tbs greek yogurt

Vegan Alternatives: 
Switch out the egg for flax egg by mixing 1 tbs flaxmeal with 2 tbs water. Also switch out the greek yogurt for dairy free or coconut yogurt and use a plant based protein powder. 

Put all of the pancake batter ingredients into a blender, blitz together until a smooth, liquid texture is formed. Place aside on the bench or in the fridge for 20 minutes. ( This step isn't essential, however it does make them fluffier. )

Heat up a pan with a little bit of oil in it and pour the batter into small circles. When small bubbles start forming, flip them over and continue cooking until they are all golden brown on both sides. Stack them up on top of each other to create a nice pancake pile. 

While they are cooking, make your sauce. In the blender add all the left over ingredients and blitz until a sauce is formed. You may need to add a dash of milk, depending on how thick you want it. When it's ready pour over the stack of pancakes and enjoy! 

Add on: If you have a left over banana, slice it in half and pan fry it until the edges turn crispy! It's perfect as a little extra topping!