With our latest campaign - Embrace collection we are highlighting the importance of taking time for your self, embracing who you are and treat yourself with selfcare and everyday luxury. 
For us self care means looking after your body, mind and soul so you can be your best self. With everything going on in the world right know we think it’s more important than ever to do the things that make you feel good inside and out. Because we all deserve some everyday glam! :)
We asked our founders Tekla & Helen who both are advocates of self care to give some tips and share with us how they embrace themselves in their life. 


PLAN A DATE FOR YOURSELF - Take time to spoil yourself and do things that make you feel good. Plan a “date” for yourself, put me-time in your calendar and choose the activities you know you love. Eat your favourite dish, take a bath, do a home hair or body treatment, pamper yourself with things that you might feel like you don’t have the time for. Planning things in advance make you look forward to the date and you get a bubbly feeling until it is time. :) This is also something I love to do with my BF and we both get bubbly and happy when planning what we are going to eat and do together during our date.  
MOVE YOUR BODY - Any physical activity is soul food for me. Do some youtube yoga or workout or if possible workout with a friend, take a walk, kitesurf, play tennis or any other activity to get some endorphins.  It’s always extra hard to push yourself when feeling low but those are the days you need it the most, the feeling & mood afterwards is priceless.
PUT ON YOUR FAVOURITE PLAYLIST - If you have plenty to do and feel like you don’t have any time for self care. Put on your favourite playlist, shake yo booty & sing along during whatever you are doing. Cleaning, cooking & doing the laundry gets so much more fun while listening to your favourite songs.


MORNING ROUTINE - For me my morning routine is essential because it’s the time of the day where I can truly focus on myself and get into the right mindset. My mornings usually starts at 5:00am (sometimes later if my body needs more sleep). I begin with a glas of water and then a 20 minutes meditation where I go through what I’m grateful for, visualize my dreams and my ideal day. Some days I journal and write my thoughts down as well. After the meditation I move my body in some way, it can either be a home workout, walk in nature with a podcast in my ears or just a simple stretch! Taking time to boost myself this way really set me up for the day ahead in a positive direction! :)
RELAX YOUR MIND - The amazing feeling of being recharged after doing something relaxing! Slow down and do things that makes you disconnect from all the must for a while. Whether you take a long bath, do some yoga, take a screen free day and focus on the present moment or any other mindfulness activity that works for you. What I find really relaxing is knitting and colouring as it helps my mind to relax, refocus, I get to work with my hands and create something at the same time. 
WRITE YOURSELF A LOVE LETTER - Embrace who you are by practising positive self talk! Write a love letter with all the good things about you that you can open and read when you want a little boost! Grab a pen and paper and sit in a comfortable place. Start to think about what you love about yourself, what make you proud of yourself? What are the things that make you smile? What are the great things your friends would say about you? Be your biggest supporter and don’t let any insecure thoughts bring you down. You are amazing and beautiful the way you are. <3