“Growth starts at the end of your comfort zone”

5 simple life hacks to challenge yourself and grow!

Feeling comfortable and a bit unmotivated in life at the moment? You could be stuck in your comfort zone - the physical and psychological zone that exists in both our personal and professional lives. But did you know that outside your comfort zone is where all the magic happens? Here are some of our favourite life hacks on how to break out of your comfort zone and begin truly living a more fulfilled life! 

Ikigai - the Japanese secret to living a purposeful and fulfilling life.

1. Switch up your daily routine
One easy way to get out of your comfort zone is to simply break out of your everyday routine. Remember that it doesn’t need to be anything extravagant or big. Implement small changes, like taking a different, more scenic route home from work or replacing watching Netflix with reading an interesting book. This is a great way to break up the repetitive nature of our day to day lives and add some fresh new elements.

2. Do one small new thing every week.
Take one thing on your weekly to-do list or life bucket list to accomplish every week. Remember to be realistic and start small, and try not to wait for the perfect moment before taking action. Act even if you are not 100% ready. Even a small step is a step in the right direction towards achieving your life’s biggest dreams and goals. Don’t forget to celebrate all the cool new stuff you’re trying, no matter how big or small.

3. Identify your fears
One thing that often stops us from breaking free from our comfort zone is the fear of the unknown. Try and identify your fears and what makes you feel a bit scared, and then challenge yourself to do that. It’s only when you truly face your fears that you will grow as a person. Tell yourself “I am fearless” and that you are capable of anything you set your mind to.  

4. Find your support system
Challenging yourself and trying something new can feel a bit daunting, but it helps to have friends and family around when you are trying to break out of your comfort zone. Surround yourself with a positive and kind support system that will have your back no matter what and will cheer you on through everything.

5. Say yes more! 
Always wanted to go to Paris, but never book the trip? Keep thinking about your dream job or education, but haven’t applied? Saying yes to opportunities around you, sometimes on impulse, is a great way to get out of your comfort zone! Make a conscious effort to say yes to more things without overthinking it, even things you may not typically choose. Focus on following your heart’s inner desires. 

Ask yourself: Are you stuck in the comfort zone?
Do you recognize these parts of your vocabulary? “I would never eat…”, “I would never try….” , “I would never go….”, “I would never do….”. It sounds like it might be time to step outside your comfort zone! Start by doing some inner reflection on these topics:

When was the last time I ate something that I’ve never tried before?
How long have I been in this current routine?
Am I experiencing a lack of adventure in my life recently?
When was the last time I did something that I was scared of?

Challenging yourself and doing something that pushes your limits makes you grow, on both an emotional and psychological level. We hope that these tips can inspire you to simply take that first step. Remember that leaving your comfort zone takes practice and the more you challenge yourself, the more rewarding your life will become! ❤️