How to set a new workout routine - Our 5 best tips!

Ready for a new workout routine? Getting started can be difficult at first, but these easy tips will keep you motivated as you start your workout journey. Here are our five best tips to make working out both effective and enjoyable! 

Set achievable and realistic goals
Remember that creating a healthy habit doesn’t happen overnight, and it may take time to get the results you are aiming for. If you have a certain health goal in mind, try breaking it down into smaller goals that feel realistic. Achieving these smaller goals will motivate you to keep going and working hard - even on the days when you don’t feel like it! 

Be consistent
Creating a consistent routine is what will help you achieve the healthiest version of yourself. What time of day works best for you to fit a workout in? Remind yourself that you are comparing yourself to yourself only and that everyone was a beginner once. Build a habit by starting small and starting slow, ease into things and remember that it can take a few weeks before exercise feels like a regular part of your life. 


Train with a friend
Training is better together! Working out with a friend or family member not only helps you stay motivated and inspire each other, but also will make you less likely to miss a planned training session. So grab a friend and find a new favourite workout style together, be it going for a run, trying a Pilates class or strength training at the gym.

Stay hydrated
Don’t forget to drink plenty of water - especially before, during and after exercising. Staying hydrated will improve your performance and energy, particularly if you are working out in warm conditions or for a longer period of time.

Try something new
Challenge yourself and your body by trying different types of workouts and activities. This prevents you from getting bored of your workout and is a fun way to try something you’ve never done before. Maybe martial arts, weightlifting or tennis will become your new favourite hobby?


Hope these tips have inspired you to create a new healthy habit. Good luck with your journey! 

How to set a new workout routine - Our 5 best tips!