One Minute Meditation

One Minute Meditation

The amazing benefits of meditation and how to get started 

Do you have a minute? That is all it takes to meditate. It can also take hours if you like, but if you are new to meditation or never seem to find the time... a minute of meditation could be just the thing for you!

In this post you can follow along on a one minute meditation with our wellness instructor @megaudrey. You can also read about the amazing benefits of meditation and tips on how to get started if you are a beginner. 

        One minute meditation with @meguadrey 

        “Find yourself somewhere comfortable and quiet where you can sit. Clear your space, and bring your attention to your body.” 

        “Notice how you feel today, in your mind, with your thoughts in your body, without the need to change it.”

        “Without any judgment, just notice how you feel. With each breath sending it deeper and lower into your stomach.”

        “Releasing any tension in your jaw, take as long as you need here.”

        “And when you are ready, give thanks for all that you already are and all that you already have.”

        Namaste. <3

        One Minute Meditation

        Five benefits of meditation

        1. Meditation helps your body, mind and soul to reduce stress.
          Together with the right breath work and the right state of mind meditation will help you reduce various stress hormones.

        2. Meditation improves concentration and helps us focus.
          Meditation can help you improve both concentration and focus. It’s proven that long term meditation has a big impact on our overall concentration. For beginners, a ten minute meditation session can show results.

        3. Meditation helps you improve your sleep and relieves insomnia. 
          Sleep is one of the most important things in life and meditation will help you improve the quantity and quality of your sleep. 

        4. Meditation relaxes the nervous system and lowers blood pressure. Mindfulness improves the stress level and has been proven to calm and release stress which leads to a lower blood pressure and a relaxed soul.

        5. Meditation makes you feel happy and grateful.
          When your mind is calm, relaxed and you are in the right state of mind, meditation will guide you in the right direction.

              Five ways to get started with meditation 

              Meditation can seem a bit hard and tricky if you are a beginner, this is why we have written down five guidelines that can help you get started. 

              1. Start with short meditations and gradually increase.
              2. Put on some meditation music to help you get in the right state of mind.
              3. Focus on your breathing and use your breath as an anchor.
              4. Don't take it too seriously, it’s okay if your mind wanders.
              5. Finish off your sessions slowly and let your thoughts flow.
              One Minute Meditation