Self-love starts with self-appreciation

For us, self-love means to nurture your mind, body and soul. It means embracing the experiences that have shaped you. It means looking in the mirror and knowing you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are strong and you are enough. 

Having self-love and self-worth is important because it is the foundation for how we treat ourselves and how we allow others to treat us. We accept the love we deserve. Self-love means having a high standard for your own happiness and well-being, it means not settling for less than you deserve and this is important because it raises your quality of life in all areas. 

Hey beautiful,

We see you. We hear you. We feel you. In today’s world there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to self-love and self-worth. It can sometimes be hard not to compare ourselves to others we see online and this can sometimes have an impact on the way we value ourselves and love ourselves. We are here to remind you, that you are enough, you are capable and you are amazing. 

It’s time to level up and start truly loving YOU.  

You might be reading this thinking to yourself that’s all amazing, but how do I actually just start loving myself? We are here to guide you with a few tips that have really helped us along the way, but first of all we want to remind you that self-love starts with self-appreciation

It’s about noticing the little things and starting to appreciate them, like how your body is constantly working at keeping you alive while you do the things you love. - Take a moment to do a body scan, appreciating every inch of yourself. Think about how your eyes allow you to see the beauty of the world and how your mouth allows you to taste delicious food. How your nose allows you to smell your favourite scented candle or fresh bread being baked. Think about how you have learned to read, write and speak. Take your time to do this scan over your entire body and really notice how incredible you truly are. This is an exercise we love to do daily, just taking a few minutes out of our day to lay in silence and really appreciate ourselves and all that we are. As you continue to appreciate yourself more and more, you will slowly start to feel that self-appreciation transforming into self-love and self-worth. 

5 things that we do to implement self-love in our daily lives:

    • Nourishing our mind, body and soul — we do this by nourishing our bodies with good foods, moving our bodies in ways that we love and doing more of things that set our soul on fire!
    • Daily journaling — we love to journal everyday, by writing three things we are grateful for and writing three things that we appreciate about ourselves right now. We encourage you to make this habit part of your daily routine.

    • Positive self-talk — we do this by speaking about ourselves in a positive way. It’s important to notice if you are speaking negatively about yourself and make an effort to start replacing those negative sentences with positive ones.
    • Tuning into the body — we love to take a moment each day to ask ourselves how we are really feeling in this current moment. Observe and listen to what is coming up for you and be compassionate with these thoughts.
    • Be kind to YOU — we do this by giving ourselves permission to be human. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has ups and downs and it’s important to remind yourself that nobody is perfect. Be compassionate to you and allow yourself to grow at your own pace. You are on the right path, beautiful. 

We encourage you to nourish your body, mind and soul on a daily basis. Making you your number one priority in your life. When you love and appreciate yourself - you are more likely to create happiness around you. It ripples out to the people you meet in the form of positive energy. Even the tiniest acts of love, kindness, and compassion can have a massive ripple effect. But it all starts with you, loving yourself!