Positive Affirmations

Did you know that transforming your belief patterns through the use of positive self talk and affirmations can dramatically change your whole perspective on yourself and your entire life! Sometimes we can find ourselves slipping into a whirlwind of negative self talk and belief.

Maybe someone said something to you, about your appearance or your ability. Maybe someone posted something online, that caused you to feel a certain way about yourself. Maybe you read a book or a magazine with edited images, that caused you to feel less than.

We are here to tell you that, 
You are beautiful.
You are enough.
You are worthy.

You’re not alone though, many other women experience these self limiting thoughts and beliefs as well.

We are here to guide you with some steps that can help you to truly transform these current beliefs into positive, uplifting ones, and really feel the truth of them throughout every cell in your body.

It will take consistency and commitment, but it’s truly worth every little bit of effort. As soon as you start loving yourself more, accepting yourself more and feeling confident in your own skin, your life will transform dramatically before your eyes in the most positive way possible. 

Step One
Where our focus goes, energy flows.

Bringing awareness to the current self limiting beliefs we hold and noticing the parts of ourselves that need the most love. Get out a journal and start writing down any self limiting beliefs or thoughts you have. Start noticing any parts of your body or life that need extra care and love, these are the parts for you right now that feel the hardest to love and accept.

Write out a sentence for each self limiting belief.
Here are some examples :
“I don’t like my tummy rolls and cellulite.”
“I’m not smart enough to have my dream job.”
“I’m so bad with money, I can never save anything.”

Step Two 
Transforming our beliefs.

Now you’ve written out all of your self limiting thoughts and beliefs, it’s time to flip them on their head and write a completely opposite sentence for each. Here we are switching the negative our for positive. This is important, make sure you write each out and keep them on a piece of paper or in your phone so you can read them often. 

Let’s rewrite these self limiting beliefs and turn them into positive affirmations.
Here are some examples :
“My body is beautiful, the way I look doesn’t define me.”
“I can achieve whatever I set my mind too, I am smart.”
“I’m so proud of myself for learning to save, I’m great with my money.”

Step Three 
Rewiring your brain and learning to find truth in these new beliefs.

It’s all well and good us re-writing these beliefs, but it’s another story us actually truly believing them. We know it can sometimes be hard when starting a self love journey and it can feel forced and fake trying to believe something you feel isn’t true. This is where consistency steps in. 

If you truly want to rewire your thoughts and learn to love and accept yourself, turn this into a daily practice. Spend as little as one minute a day, reading these new affirmations out aloud to yourself. It takes time, but eventually you will completely rewire the patterns in your brain.

This may be easy for some of you, and others might find it very challenging. If you are struggling with reading these new affirmations each day, we have some small little activities you can try that will start growing this belief. It’s common for us to dismiss the small things we so often don’t think about that play such a huge part in our lives.

Write out a list of all the things you appreciate about yourself, self love starts with self appreciation.
Some examples of this could be :
“I appreciate that my eyes allow me to see”
“I appreciate that my heart is beating and my organs are working”
“I appreciate my brain and how it allows me to learn”

As you slowly start to appreciate yourself more and more, it will become second nature and it will feel more natural and easy to love yourself and all that you are. 

Remember to embrace yourself, you are destined for greatness.