Wellness talk with: @juliaharaldson

Name: Julia Haraldson
Age: 29 
City: Kivik, Sweden
Family: Sharing my home with my love Tobias & our dog Elton. 

Who is Julia Haraldson?
I’m a 29 year old girl who’s trying to find my own way through life. You usually find me close to the ocean, I’m obsessed with nature and truly believe that we don’t need as much in life as we have been taught that we do. I have lived together with my boyfriend Tobias since 8 years back and our dog Elton, they’re the best boys and life-partners I could ever ask for. 

What's the best thing in your life right now?
To be able to walk down to the ocean every morning to have a swim, to be able to plan my days as I want and to spend every day with Elton. 

What advice would you give your 16-year old self?
You will learn and grow a lot from making mistakes, don’t be afraid to make them. Don’t be afraid to travel alone sometimes, it will give you life-long friends. Last but not least: Hug your sister. I know you can’t imagine this - but you don’t have that many years left together, and you will miss every inch of her when she’s not here anymore. 


How do you recover the best way? 
Spending time with nature. And rest. To stay away a day or two (or seven) from social media and read a book instead.

How do you bring yourself up when having a bad day?
Going for a swim in the ocean no matter air or ocean temperature. Rain, hail or shine. It’s the best cure for anything really. 

Tell us 3 things you are grateful for?
1. To be a highly sensitive person, and feel everything so very deeply, highs and lows.
2. My family, friends and Elton. Honest relationships.
3. My body, that it takes me places and lets me feel and see things.

    What are you proud of about yourself?
    That I have prioritised deep and honest self-care the last 2 years. The impact it has had on me has given me so much calm. I’m proud that I learned that I must take care of myself to be able to be my best towards others as well.

    What makes your heart smile?
    When Elton wants to snuggle really close to me. A beautiful sunrise or sunset. Different signs from my sister. To see Tobias, my friends or family laugh hard. 

    What are your best self-care tips?
    Don’t be afraid to spend quiet time with yourself. It’s ok not to be ok, let your heart and body rest when needed. Guided meditations (Sarah Blondin on Insight Timer is like a soft hug for your body and soul). Get. In. The. Ocean!!! 

    How does an active lifestyle make you feel?
    It gives me energy to live life fully! 

    What do you think is the best thing about an active lifestyle?
    The best thing about an active lifestyle is to feel strong and energised in my daily tasks. I love the feeling of being able to carry heavy bags from the grocery store, to have strong legs that take me on long walks with my dog, and I love that I sleep so much better when I’ve been active during the day. 

    What’s your best workout tip for someone who wants to get started?
    Find something that you think is fun. Work really hard on changing your mindset from how your body looks to all the things it can do - this makes working out so much more fun! Don’t take your body for granted - take care of it, you two are going to last a lifetime. 

    Got any life-hacks?
    If you don’t like how you live your life - change it. Start small, a little can go a long way in how it makes your daily life feel. Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams and goals in life. Nothing is impossible you know - there are so many people in this world that have shown us that. Believe in yourself and that all your dreams can be fulfilled. 

    Name 3 things on your bucket list?
    1. Live in a van with my little family. To spend days with less work and more playtime for a while.
    2. To have a house somewhere in southern Europe, with a green garden, close to the ocean with barefoot life at least 7-8 months a year.
    3. Marry my best friend. 

    What are 3 words that describe you best?
    Very close to my feelings. Strong Minded. Cheeky. 

    Who inspires you?
    Oh, I have sooo many around me that inspire me. Really all the ones around me who dare to stand up for themselves, who dare to go their own way, who give a lot to the people around them, good listeners, honest people. But if I had to choose one official person that inspires me the most (and that has changed the way I look at life), it has to be Emma Carey. (@em_carey on Instagram) 

    What are you passionate about?
    I’m very passionate about the fact that people and animals should be treated in the right, loving ways. I’m passionate about breaking the stigma around mental health, that it’s ok not to be ok, and that it’s ok to need professional help to feel better.  

    What’s your hidden talent?
    I can sneeze on command ;) 

    What’s always in your fridge? 
    Dates. The ones covered in Salty licorice are the best! 

    What is your favourite breakfast?
    Changes from time to time but at the moment, I like Turkish yoghurt with seeds, nuts, berries, and a fried egg on the side.