Terms and Conditions of Dream Club Membership

Valid from 2020-07-01

  1. General

These terms apply to the Dream Club, a loyalty program created by Aim Apparel AB (corporate identity number 556958 - 2207), hereinafter referred to as aim’n. By registering as a member, you certify that you have the age required for membership or that you have your guardian's consent to the membership and that you accept these membership terms.

  1. Your membership

Your membership at aim’n is free of charge and is valid on aimn.se. To become a member, you must be of legal age. If you have reached the age of 16, you can become a member with the consent of your guardian. aim´n may request written confirmation of such consent. The membership is personal and cannot be transferred to anyone else. To apply for a membership, visit www.aimn.se//account/register. As a member, you have an account with us where you can see your purchases and edit your contact information. You also have a personal membership page where you can see your points, what membership level you are at, your points history, earn points and see what you get at our various membership levels.

Since all our communication is digital, you must enter an email address when you become a Dream Club member. You are responsible for keeping your contact information and email address up to date. The membership is personal and cannot be transferred to anyone else. You are responsible for the activity that takes place in your member account and that only you have access to your login information. 

  1. Benefits, offers and communication

As a member of our dream Club, you will receive personalized communication with both personal and general benefits and membership offers. You will also receive customized product recommendations, news, inspiration, invitations to competitions, events and surveys. We usually communicate with you via e-mail, but also through text messages or via advertising on external channels such as Facebook. You can unsubscribe from the communication through the different sendouts.

Based on the information we collect about you, such as purchase history, age, place of residence and stated preferences, we make analyses to adapt the communication, offers, benefits, inspiration and product recommendations that you receive from us. These insights may be used to develop our product- and service range. Through our analyzes and insights, we avoid conveying information to you that you might perceive as unnecessary or uninteresting. aim’n reserves the right to change the benefits and offers from time to time.

  1. Bonus points

You earn bonus points by doing some of the following: 

  • Create a membership account.
  • Shop at aim’n (you recieve 1 point per 1 euro spent).
  • Leave a product review.
  • Share one of your dreams with us.
  • Follow us on Instagram & TikTok.
  • Register to receive our text messages. 

The points you earn when you shop with us are only awarded 30 days after you have placed your order or made your purchase. Other points are awarded when your action has been performed. To get your points, you must log in with your email address and password. It is up to you when and how you want to use your points. They are valid for 12 months from the day they were awarded. You use your points at checkout. When you are logged in to your account, you can see a points slider at checkout, where you can choose how many points you want to use as a discount on your order.

The value of your order must be at least €80 for you to be able to use your points. It is not possible to use your points while using a discount code. The bonus cannot be redeemed for cash. The points you earn are personal and cannot be transferred to another person or member. If you return an item, the points you earned when purchasing it will be deducted from your member account.

Using your points works differently in our app and on our website. In the app, you only have the opportunity to choose between 4 fixed point options: 100 points - €10, 200 points - €20, 300 points - €30, 400 points - €40. 

Points can only be redeemed once and cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards. The points can also not be used for purchases that are less than the value of the discount. Return of good complies with aim’ns return conditions. Upon return of an item, only the amount paid for the item will be refunded and not the amount including the discount received. 

  1. Membership year

When you apply for a membership, your member years starts in 12 months (Membership Year). Your membership level is based on how much you shop for during the past 12 months. 

  1. Membership levels 

We have three different membership levels in the Dream Club - see below. To see which offers each level includes, visit https://www.aimn.se/pages/dream-club.

  1. Dreamy - This level is free to join and you will automatically reach this level when you create a Dream Club account. 
  2. Dreamy Extra Creamy - To reach our second level with even more offers, you need to shop for at least $150 per year.
  3. Dreamy Super Supremely - To reach our highest and most beneficial level, you need to shop for at least $350 per year. 

  1. Altering membership terms and conditions
    aim’n may come to make changes and updates to the Dream Club terms and conditions. In conjunction with these changes, the updated terms will be published on aimn.se.  The current terms and conditions can be found at aimn.se. If you do not approve these terms and conditions, you can choose to terminate your membership (see point 8).

  2. Validity and termination of membership

Your membership is valid from now on. You can terminate your membership at any time by contacting our customer service (see contact information below). Your membership will end no later than 30 days after we receive notice of termination. If you terminate your membership or if aim’n terminates your membership, you will lose your earned bonus points as well as the benefits that come with the membership. 

In the event of reasonable suspicion of unauthorized use or misuse of our services, violations of our membership terms, fraud or other similar events and behaviors, aim’n has the right to terminate your membership. If you have not taken any active action such as made a purchase, logged in to your account, took advantage of an offer, participated in a survey, clicked on a link in an email or participated in a competition during a 36-month period, your membership will be automatically terminated.

9. Behandling av personuppgifter 

aim’n processes personal data in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The person responsible for personal data is Aim Apparel AB (corporate identity number 556958-2207), Box 7116, 300 07 Halmstad. When you register a membership, shop or otherwise identify yourself with your membership, information about your purchases and how you use our services is stored. aim’n processes personal data about you as a member to provide offers, membership benefits and offer the best possible service. For further information on how and why aim’n processes your personal data and what rights you have, have a look at our Privacy Policy at www.aimn.se/pages/privacy-policy.

  1. Your rights

You can object to our direct marketing at any time and you can terminate your membership at any time (see above under point 8 - Validity and termination of membership). Upon termination of membership, we will delete the personal information associated with your membership, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. However, we may continue to process certain personal data about you when we are required to do so by law (ex: transaction data under the Accounting Act) or when we have compelling legitimate reasons to do so (ex: when we process anonymous data for business development purposes).

  1. Limitation of liability 

aim’n is not responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations under the terms of membership or damage due to circumstances beyond aim’ns control such as, but not limited to, laws, government actions, war event, strike, blockade, lockout or other similar circumstance (so-called force majeure). aim’n is also not responsible for any system errors in the loyalty program.

Contact Details 

If you have questions regarding your membership, please contact us at:

Email: hello@aimn.com 


Aim Apparel AB

Box 7116

300 07 Halmstad


Companies register: Bolagsverket/Swedish Companies Registration

Company registration number: 556958 - 2207

VAT registration number: VAT NO. SE55695822070