Adventure more - aim'n adventure Bali


Our aim’n Adventure to Bali took place September 2018, and WOW what an adventure the girls had! The week wasn’t just about experiencing Bali and meeting new people, but also to help them keep moving forward on the adventure that takes place within themselves. It was a week filled with inspiration and motivation to follow their own dreams in life.

Hello wonderful #aimntribe!

My name is Lisa and I was the Project Leader for this event - I'm an advocate for female empowerment and love to travel, so this retreat has truly a passion-project of mine.

The event was incredibly successful and I can't help but be insanely proud and grateful for all participants and crew that helped to make this adventure the best imaginable! ❤️

For those who couldn't join in on our Adventure in Bali, we've created this blog post to share the good vibes, empowerment, and activities that we got up to during the week.


Welcome to Bali and get comfy! Today was a calm day allowing everyone to arrive in their own time and get acquainted with their surroundings.

All rooms at The Chillhouse set up with an overflowing basket with local fruits, a flower arrangement and a handy aim'n Adventure booklet with information about the week.

In the evening, we all met up for dinner to get to know each other and welcome everyone! Although tired from the day's travels, sitting together allowed us to start learning each other's names, have our first (of many) laughs and start getting more comfortable in each others company.


Today's theme was 'Dream' and to start the day off in the best possible way, we started with a yoga session to focus on opening up to all possibilities. Followed by a stunner of a breakfast and our very first workshop.

Helen, our co-founder, started with welcoming all the girls with her inspirational story of how and why aim'n came to be and to never be afraid of dreaming big!

Following the speech our workshop leader, Jade, walked our girls through how our dreams are often constrained by the culture-scape we live in and shaped by the“Brules” (bullsh*it rules) society tells us we should follow.

After lunch, we all headed for the beach to what was for many of our girls, their very first surfing lesson. To me, it was truly special to see many first timers find their power and stand up for the first time and to not be afraid to embrace a new challenge!

The day's focus was to show everyone how to break free of the limitations that we often put on ourselves and to realize that everything is possible!


Today's theme was 'Inspire' and the day started with yoga, a strong and challenging flow to set up for a day full of realising our strengths!

After yoga, we all headed to breakfast. The breakfast at the Cassava Cafe was absolutely amazing and a true favourite of the week! I mean, would you look at this food! Not only incredibly stunning but yummy and organic 😍

The workshop of the day focused on understanding how to set goals that are in line with your soul's true desires and to inspire our girls to start living a life that brings real happiness and fulfillment.

The workshop started with a moving inspirational speech by @elyfisher, sharing her incredible journey of weight-loss and personal transformation. The speech was truly moving and I don't think any heart was left untouched in that room, or an eye dry for that matter!

After finishing the workshop, we headed for another stunning lunch followed by free time before the evening's activity.

The evening's activity was to watch the sunset at Finn's Beach Club! Many took the opportunity to dress up and grab a few drinks while shooting magical photos in the beautiful light of the sun descending closer to the horizon. It was probably the most stunning sunset I've seen in a while and the evening was truly magical, filled with laughter and good moments.

I felt that this day was the day everyone got really close to each other and started forging an unforgettable bond of friendship 🌅


Adventure Day! After the day's yoga session and breakfast, the girls got ready to explore Bali - full of anticipation, everyone got into the mini-vans towards the first stop; The Hidden Canyon!

Adventuring the 'Why be moody when you can shake yo booty'-way!

After canyoning for the whole morning, the group headed to a cafe with stunning views over the rice fields. The stop offered coffee testing as the perfect pick-me-up halfway through the day, refilling the energy levels for our final stop; the Bali swing!

Besides getting magical individual photos of all the girls, the view was out of this world and the experience something unique. Imagine sitting on a swing on top of the world and just taking in the wonders of the nature around you!

Today was a day full of adventure, magic and an opportunity to connect to the natural beauty that is Bali.


Because 'a dream without a plan is only a wish', we dedicated this day to planning!

As usual, the day started with yoga - Jess created a flow on repeat to promote success through repetition and planning. After yet another yummy breakfast, we gathered for our workshop with Jade.

We revisited the importance of having a future dream and the different approaches to achieving them by learning some of the basics of the law of attraction, visualisation meditation and then by going into the details by creating an 'Ideal Week' plan.

Not only were the girls able to spend most of today's workshop tanning by the pool, but they walked away feeling confident to ”Dream it, Plan it, Do it!”. And possibly with a slight sunburn 🙈


Our last full day together followed the theme of 'Empowerment'. Jess started the day with bold, empowering movements to set the tone for the day, followed by breakfast.

After the regular morning routine, we headed to the final workshop for the week and tied everything together from the previous days.

We practiced 6-Phase Meditation, designed to create the most remarkable transformation in one's state of being — in the shortest amount of time.

At the end of today's workshop, we left feeling empowered, knowing that we have set goals and aspirations that are in line with our souls. We were also feeling confident with the new tools that will ensure that we start living our best and most fulfilled life.

Besides being the conclusion of our workshops, I personally felt that all the girls found so much value in all the separate steps of dreaming, feeling inspired and having the tools to make a plan in order to feel truly empowered. And also having a supportive community of women who have each other's back.

After a few hours of free time, we all got ready to go to the Lawn for our last evening and dinner together. It was an amazing evening full of laughter, good food and company! What made my heart especially warm was that, most girls changed seats and sat with different people over the course of the evening!

In the spirit of our 'empower' theme, we finished our day back at the hotel in a more calm environment by thanking everyone for the week and handing out envelopes full of love letters.  

These individual love letters were handwritten by all the girls and aim'n crew for everyone to open on the plane home, ensuring that all the love and empowerment doesn't stay in Bali but comes with everyone home!


Today, our final day, we started the day with yoga, and although it was completely optional, almost everyone wanted to join in for our last session! By popular vote, it was decided that the whole session was going to be very relaxed and Yin focused, which was perfect at the end of a busy week!

Followed by our last yummy breakfast, everyone got ready to check out in their own time, ready to open their love letters on their way home.

Our retreat concept was to offer a group of women, of all ages, a trip to reset and recharge in a paradise location for a wonderful week-long experience! A chance to take care of your health and mind, and to empower yourself and everyone around you.

And in the spirit of our new-found aim'n adventure family and #aimntribe, we parted ways on our final day feeling empowered and fulfilled to go home with a new set of tools to aim higher & dream bigger!

Much love,

- Lisa & aim'n crew