Protecting your energy - energy givers and takers

Your energy is your greatest currency. Spend it well. Invest it wisely.  

Have you ever had one of those days where you are just high vibing off of life? You wake up feeling excited, you have a skip in your step and just feel on top of the world! The days where your energy is high, your mood is positive and it feels like nothing can get in your way! Well, we are here to share with you some simple ways you can make everyday like this!

In today’s world energy is something that is so important, even more so than previous decades. With things like technology and social media, now everyone has access to our energy at all times. Humans are energetic beings and we tend to very easily pick different energies up from outside influences, such as our environment, the people we come across, social media and from almost everything else we do or come into contact with.

We mentioned in our blog post, law of attraction -tips on daily affirmations , that we are energetic beings operating on a vibrational frequency. We can learn to change the energetic frequency we operating at and this can have a ripple effect in our lives and what we attract. Think about the times when your energy has been impacted by those around you and how that felt. Do you have certain people in your life that simply just drain you with their low vibe energy? On the flip side, you may have that one friend who walks into the room and it lights up with a bubbly high vibe energy. In this blog we want to share with you some energy givers and energy takers so you can take action in protecting your energetic frequency and can live from a space of alignment.

Take some time to reflect on how you have been feeling this month. How has your energy been lately? Below are some simple natural ways to boost your energy. 

Energy Givers:

A glass of water
Nourishing food
Dressing up
Cuddles with a pet
Fresh air
Friends and family
Setting intentions

Now, spend some time to notice the things that drain your energy. These are important things to recognise so you can put boundaries in place to protect your energy and peace. Some of the common things we find take energy from us are listed below. Read through and see if you feel similar, or if you have others that you would add to the list.

Energy Takers:

Junk food
Messy environment
Screens and social media
An inconsistent sleep pattern
Possibly certain foods and alcohol
People pleasing
Setting unrealistic goals
Unclear boundaries
Going, going, going without rest

Protecting your energy - energy givers and takers

The key to a peaceful, fulfilled life is to ensure you have boundaries in place to protect your peace and energy. This will not only allow you to have more energy for the things you enjoy and love, but it will also help your body and mind to feel more rested. Protecting your energy will have a positive ripple effect into everything you do and with everyone you come into contact with. People will start noticing the shift in your aura, you will be less stressed and more at ease. 

Of course implementing more “energy givers'' and reducing the “energy takers” from the lists above will allow you to protect your overall energy. However an action point we recommend is actually setting boundaries. 

Boundaries  can be defined as the limits we set with other people, which indicate what we find acceptable and unacceptable in their behavior towards us.” Boundaries can also be set with ourselves and when done so, are a very powerful tool. We recommend spending some time alone, getting clear on the different areas of your life and noticing the triggers in each area. Here at aim’n we love to set emotional boundaries, physical boundaries, personal boundaries, relational boundaries and technological boundaries. Feel free to add more areas depending on your lifestyle, tap into your heart and listen to what your intuition is telling you. In each category we recommend choosing a few actionable steps in setting these. 

When setting emotional boundaries it could mean saying no to plans, it could mean spending less time with people that emotionally drain you or it could even mean creating time in your day to emotionally unwind. When setting physical boundaries it could mean making sure you have a clean environment, it could mean nourishing your body with good foods and water or it could mean making sure you are meeting your physical needs by resting more. When setting personal boundaries it could mean learning to say no or it could mean just getting clear on the requirements you need and the ways you know you deserve to be loved and treated. When setting relational boundaries it could mean spending less time with those that drain you, it could mean getting clear on how you want to be treated in relationships or it could mean making some serious decisions about cutting people from your life that aren’t serving you and your energy. When setting technological boundaries it could mean taking time off of social media and having a detox or it could simply mean switching your phone on do not disturb in the evening and early mornings to give yourself time to unwind and wake up refreshed. 

Remember, that it’s okay to protect your energy. It’s okay to cancel plans that no longer feel right. It’s okay to not answer that call. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to have some alone time. It’s okay to have a day off. It’s okay to speak up. Become aware of what’s worth your energy and time. You’ve got this.