The Power of Breathwork

Why you need breathwork in your daily life

Breathe in, breathe out….
Breathwork is such an amazing tool we have available to us all of the time, yet it is such a foreign concept to so many. By breathing, we bring oxygen into our bodies so we can thrive. Did you know that it has its roots in ancient eastern practices and has been around for many years? When breathing, on the inhale you nourish your mind and body and on the exhale you release stress and toxins. It can help to calm our nervous system and bring overall balance to our bodies.

Breathwork is so powerful because it can be used as a tool to completely shift your energy. It can help to calm you down, to energize you, to lift your mood and even to help you feel more grounded. Scientific researchers have found that our emotions and feelings can actually be controlled by our breathing. Isn’t this incredible? In a world where everything is so fast paced, it can sometimes be hard to switch your mind off and truly relax. 

We personally find breathwork helps to bring us back to the present moment, it calms our mind and brings us into the body. We also love to use breathwork for both an energy boost, as well as a wind down practice. There are many breathwork methods and tools that can be used to alter your natural state of being and we definitely recommend exploring these and seeing what works best for you. Below are some of the benefits of breathwork and why we feel it is such a powerful tool. 



It is now more important to prioritise rest and relaxation than ever before. Collectively, stress and anxiety are at an all time high and breathwork is a cost-effective, natural way to truly relax. Research has found that certain breathing exercises have the ability to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and suppress the sympathetic nervous system, in turn directing us into a relaxed state. We can even use the breath to reduce levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), slow down our respiration and even decrease our heart rate, having an overall positive impact on our bodies from the inside out. 

The Power of Breathwork


Just as we can use breathwork to relax and calm ourselves, we can also use it to do the complete opposite and can actually increase our energy and focus. Research has found that by incorporating different breathing patterns such as high frequency breathing, an increase in attention span and state of wakefulness can be experienced. This is a huge benefit as a lot of us rely on coffee and other stimulants to simply get through the day. Instead you can try to  incorporate short breathwork practices, both to start the day or  as a little afternoon pick me up when you need that extra boost of focus and energy.


From personal experience we have found that by incorporating breathwork into our daily lives, it allows us to really experience the present moment and helps with quieting the mind. This is especially good for people who live busy lives and find it hard to shut off their thoughts. You might be someone who is constantly thinking about the past or worrying about the future, this is the perfect tool to bring you back to the now and help you to start living in the moment. Breathwork is also a really great tool if you find it hard to get into the zone with meditating, a simple five minute breathwork practice will help you to get into the zone and will improve the quality of your meditation. 

These are just a few of the many benefits that breathwork can bring into your life, we recommend trying out different kinds of breathwork and seeing what suits your lifestyle best. Holistic health and overall wellbeing is all about balancing your mind, body and soul. Breathwork taps into all of these pillars, therefore is the perfect tool to allow you to feel amazing from the inside out.